The League is a nonstock corporation, organized in the State of Maryland. It operates as a 501(c)6 which allows it to lobby on behalf of its members while enjoying some tax advantages as a nonprofit. Through a services agreement, Funk & Bolton, P.A., provides a wide array of legislative, regulatory, and operational services to The League and its members.


The League is active before the Maryland General Assembly.  The General Assembly meets in Regular Session each year beginning on the second Wednesday in January and ending on the second Monday in April.  During this 90-day Session, the General Assembly considers approximately 3,000 pieces of legislation.  The League monitors all of this legislation, identifying the bills of interest to League members, developing positions on this legislation, and advocating for members’ interests with legislators and regulators.  


The League is also active before the Maryland Insurance Administration, the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, and a number of other regulatory agencies impacting members.  The League develops and advances policy positions important to members and is the leading voice along with ACLI and AHIP on matters of life and health insurance.